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  • We established our trekking company in 2014 and, since then, have been working hard to give tourists a taste of our local, community through a variety of treks and tours.
  • Young men from the Sembalun area, who are passionate about sharing our culture with you and helping to make a difference in our local community.
  • 1. Give tourists an authentic experience to show you what rural Indonesia is really like…!!!
  • 2. Empower our local community, especially in the wake of the 2018 earthquake where 80% of homes were damaged or destroyed Our packages include….!!!!!!
  • 1. Located within walking distance  of  famous  treks  on  Mt Rinjani and other beautiful, Rural landscapes
  • 2. Competitive prices and experienced, friendly, and trusted guides who, speak English
  • 3. Focus on safety and making sure you have a positive, high quality, experience
  • 4. Our company already has a permit from the Local government And Of Mount Rinjani National Park
  • 5. We Have many friends in the area of Lombok to ensure our customers activity running smoothly
  • 6. Our Helping the community resource development
  • 7. We provide a wide range of Best Places to tourists both from lodging, transportation and dining


Explore – Sembalun Vilage 1 Day Duration 50$ 1 Person

Sembalun Panorama walk, is the best panoramic tour in Lombok. To understand the unique beauty…

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Harvesting – strawberries – 1 Day Duration 30$ 1 Person

Besides being famous for green vegetables, Sembalun is in an area that is suitable for growing…

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Pergasingan hill – Sunrise Trip -1 Day Duration 100$ 1 Person

Pergasingan sunrise trip is, one of the attractions of  Lombok’s most famous, offers a beautiful…

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Pergasingan Hill 2Day-1Night – Camping 160$ 1 Person

Pergasingan hill is a great place to spend time and release the pressure of everyday life with fresh air…

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Rinjani Summit 2Day-1Night – Camping 200$ 1 Person

Trekking Mount Rinjani package 2 days 1 night is the shortest Rinjani trekking to the top of that we…

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Rinjani Hikking 4Day-3Night, Via Sembalun 275$ 1 Person

Rinjani Trekking Packages 3Day 4Night is a more leisurely trip. You can spend your first night…

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Waterfall Tour 1 Day Duration 50$ 1 Person

Waterfall tour, which is located in the north of Lombok offers you the opportunity to explore…

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Kondo Hill 2Day-1Night Camping 160$ 1 Person

Rinjani Mountain area is a lot of natural beauty store, one of which Kondo Hill, located at…

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Coffe Plantation 1Day Duration 36$ 1 person

History records that Sembalun was once the center of a coffee plantation in the Lombok…

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Pergasingan Hill
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Mount Rinjani
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